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(For our Spanish website, go to: www.407alquilar.com)

Tampa Rental Management

At Universal Realty and Property Management we have over 100 years of Leasing and Property Management experience in the Orlando, Tampa and coastal areas.

Over the years we have asked our rental owners what the most important factors are to them concerning their property. We bet many of these items are important to you too.

Inquire About Our Services

#1. Locate a QUALITY tenant QUICKLY!

#2. Get the most rent the market will bear (More Advertising than any firm in Central Florida):

  1. We simply advertise more than another other firm! MORE ADS!
    • Start with over 100+ websites, including  realtor.com, trulia.com, rentalads.com, googlebase.com, floridarentalads.com,military.com, etc.).
    • Our website in English, www.UniversalRealtyandPropertyManagement.com and the only rental home website dedicated to our Spanish speaking prospective and current tenants, www.407alquilar.com.
    • We of course use social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google.....
    • The Multiple Listing Service, signs and a lot more!
  2. We answer calls 7 days a week. MORE CALLS!
  3. We show properties 7 days a week! MORE SHOWINGS!


#3. Charge me a fair price for services.

#4. Efficiently and Effectively Communicate with me, the Owner. 

We love to speak with our owners, that's what we do.

Call now and ask how we will:

  1. Provide you peace of mind (our FREE EVICTION PROTECTION program).
  2. Save you money (our MONTHLY PROMOTIONS saving owners an average of $300.00).
  3. Most importantly, help you (This is what we do, we will make this STRESS-FREE for you).

We answer calls Monday through Friday until 8:00pm and Weekends until 5:00pm.

Call now: 813-575-2093

Email us at UniversalRPMnbd@gmail.com

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Future Tenants: 813-575-2052
Owners/Tenants: 813-575-2001

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