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Why is at least one mid lease walkthrough important?

System - Thursday, July 28, 2016

  1. To understand the condition of the property.  If there is an issue with the way tenant is treating the property, you have time to correct this issue before it becomes a major issue.   Carpets, wall damage, lawn care, pool care, etc. 
  2. The tenant needs to know you want them to keep good care of the property.   If you never visit the property, the tenant might think, "They never visit the property, they probably don't care about it (or me)."  If the tenant feels you don't care about them or the property, they may not care about your property.
  3. To have the tenant finally report to you any unreported maintenance items.  "Oh yea, by the way, this is leaking or not working..."  Keep in mind, this is not their property and they may not take the time to report a maintenance item.  Items like mildew, a leak, issue with the HVAC,  etc., can be minor if caught early, but major if left unreported. 

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