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This month's article: & 5 Ways to Outsmart Sneaky Tenants

System - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let's face it.  Some problem tenants are smart and know how to play the game.  But you can easily outsmart sneaky tenants by watching for the most common pattern.

The preferred strategy for many problem tenants is to sneak someone else into being able to live at the property without being on the lease.  Sometimes that's the plan all along. In other cases, the problem tenant moves in mid-lease. Either way, there's an easy fix:

1.  Advertise well.  You will see 'advertise well' written in most of our articles.  Why?  The more choices of tenants you have, the better chance you will lease to the right tenant(s).  That way you won't choose a tenant based upon desperation, but on qualifications.  If your gut is saying "Don't rent to these folks" you won't because you have other choices.

2. A background check must be performed on all prospective tenants over the age of 18 before the lease preparation.  If one of the tenants is unacceptable, either increase the security deposit or reconsider leasing the property to this group.

3. Your lease.  If it does not have a strong guest policy, get one. It should include a provision that holds tenants responsible for the actions of short-term guests, subject to eviction. There should also be a limit on how long a guest can stay before they are required to apply to be added to the lease. Demand the right to screen long-term guests before adding them on. Those who refuse to complete a rental application, or who don't qualify for a lease must leave, or the tenant will be evicted.

4. Unless prohibited by law, limit a tenant's right to sublet the property by reserving the right to approve any new occupants — in writing.

5. Check-in regularly with the tenant. You may be surprised to find that the person you rented to is long gone, and someone else has taken over the property.  Don't allow months to go by without a property inspection  -- it can make you a target for problem tenants.

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