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Winter Park Property Management

Managing Your Rental Property

Winter Park Property Management

Maybe you live out of state and need an investment property managed, or maybe you live down the street and don't want the aggravation. Some owners come to us, as their agent is unable to sell their home and wish to wait to sell until the value increases. Either way, you want a quality tenant and the property effectively managed, yes?

Locating qualified tenants and keeping them happy can be pretty demanding. Some owners have told us over the years they would like us to manage their property as they feel they do not have the time, desire, or the expertise to be a landlord. That is where Universal Realty and Property Management comes in.

We want to Maximize Your Rent Revenue and Protect Your Winter Park Investment Property.

For immediate assistance in answering your property management questions, call NOW: 813-575-2093. We answer calls until 8:00pm Monday through Friday and until 5:00pm on weekends.

What we do as your Winter Park Property Manager:

  • Turn condition issues at a property into rental ready condition
  • Advertise your rental property
  • Handle tenant inquiries and show to prospective tenants
  • Run a thorough application process
  • Background and credit investigations
  • Attorney Prepared Lease signing
  • Fill vacancies
  • Full service repair and maintenance throughout the lease
  • Rent collection
  • Coordinate Evictions (rare, but it does happen)
  • Accounting of all funds
  • Handle Tenant issues
  • Perform move in, mid lease and move out walkthroughs
  • Handle Tenant's Security Deposits
  • Locate a new tenant and start all over!

Benefits of using Universal Realty & Property Management

Turnkey Property Management

Universal Realty & Property Management has the experience, the staff and the systems in place to care for your property the way you would, if that were your only job.

We manage properties and provide real estate services from the West Coast of Florida (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater) to the East Coast (Orlando, Kissimmee, Titusville and Daytona Beach) and everywhere in between!

We manage Winter Park home rentals, luxury single family homes, townhomes, condos, duplexes, small and large apartment buildings. We specialize in Winter Park real estate market. And we know what it takes to get and keep a property here rented.

The stressful and time-consuming responsibilities that come with being a landlord will be handled by efficient, effective experts. . We'll handle everything for you and bring you the peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

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Marketing Makes the Difference

A rental property will not lease itself and for many owners, allowing the property to sit for a few months will put them in a negative cash position. Every day of vacancy costs you money. Some monies you might not have even thought of: additional utility costs, pool care, lawn care, and the possibility of a water leak or vandalism.

Universal Realty and Property Management will locate qualified tenants for you. We will actively market your property, in ways you might not even be familiar with. It's not enough to simply place an ad online, a sign in the yard and think the right LONG TERM tenant will come along. That approach will be much too passive if you want to maximize returns and protect your investment.

We use traditional marketing tools like Multiple Listing Service and signs combined with aggressive e-marketing. We'll place detailed information about your property on more than 100 different websites. That's a massive amount of exposure guaranteed to generate a constant flow of potential renters. But we don't stop there, social media, and we have the only website in the area dedicated to those who speak Spanish as a first language. We provide our clients the competitive edge.

And, unlike most Winter Park property management companies, we answer our phones and show properties seven days a week. That's what it takes to find tenants, so that's what we do. We WILL get your home rented.

Maximize the Rental Revenue

A key to obtaining the highest rent price, is first correctly setting the price. We know the neighborhoods of Winter Park and what the market will bear. We are constantly monitoring rental data. Working with you, we'll develop a game plan to attain the highest possible rent for your rental property.

At Universal Realty and Property Management our leasing agents and property mangers have been trained in negotiating. Opening the door and turning on the lights while showing a property is not enough, we build the property's value in our conversations with potential tenants and then invite the tenants to lease the property. That's how we close deals and maximize your revenue.

Qualified Tenants. You Want Them. So Do We.

Be the landlord of a rental long enough, and you will hear the 'horror stories' of tenants who didn't pay or didn't care for the property. At Universal Realty and Property Management, we believe that the best way to avoid problems down the road is to start with quality tenants.

Leasing a property to the first person who calls is not necessary a good idea. Instead, our approach to maximize the advertising to obtain the most calls possible and to have as many prospective tenants view the property as possible. Build the value of the property, invite them all to lease the property. But then stop!

Then start asking questions, about their rental history, job history, etc. Get to know the prospective tenants and then have a thorough application process that will separate the haves from the have-nots. Compare our application guidelines to other Winter Park property management companies. Yes, we do have a higher level of standards. Why? Because we can. Because of our outstanding marketing, you can be picky. Thus, making you more money with more peace of mind. We do not have to evict many tenants which is pretty impressive when you are one of these largest Winter Park property management firms.

Protection of Your Investment

If a renter doesn't maintain your property, you could see its value decrease. That means costly repairs or a lower asking price when you eventually sell. Neither one is a good option. How does Universal Realty and Property Management help avoid those costly expenses?

Number one, ensure the property is delivered clean to the tenant. If the tenants knows you/we care about the property, they are more likely to care too. We let the tenants know from day one, we are a hands-on property management firm. That they can count on us when a maintenance issue arises, but also to perform mid-lease walkthrough to ensure the interior/exterior are being taken care of. We are approachable, but yet will take action. Little grievances don't have a chance to become big problems.

Fair Winter Park Property Management Pricing

Call now and ask how we will:

  1. Provide you peace of mind (our FREE EVICTION PROTECTION program).
  2. Save you money (our MONTHLY PROMOTIONS saving owners an average of $300.00).
  3. Most importantly, help you (This is what we do, we will make this STRESS-FREE for you).

We answer calls Monday through Friday until 8:00pm and Weekends until 5:00pm.

Call now: 813-575-2093

Email us at UniversalRPMnbd@gmail.com

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Winter Park is a suburban city in Orange County, Florida, United States. The population was 27,852 at the 2010 United States Census. It is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Winter Park was founded as a resort community by northern business magnates in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Its main street includes civic buildings, retail, art galleries, a private liberal arts college, museums, a park, a train station, a golf course country club, a historic cemetery, and a beach and boat launch. Source From Wikipedia

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